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I am an international teacher and guide. My intention is to support people around the world to step in their full power, connect to their true nature, heal themselves, align with their life’s purpose and create the reality of their dreams.
Protection and preservation of nature and wildlife are a big part of my life’s journey.

I was born in Russia close to Siberia.

At the age of 18, I started travelling around the world, fulfilling one of my biggest dreams. After a 4-year long journey around the world I moved to Vienna (Austria). In my early 20ies, personal growth has become my main focus.

I have studied in 3 different universities and received a diploma on Cultural Studies. While I was studying, I have started my yoga practice. After some years of training, I became a certified yoga teacher. I wanted to learn more, so I have continued my studies in alternative areas such as healing work, shamanism, shiatsu, cranio-sacral therapy and many other.
I have been taking a part in healing trainings and other courses and workshops all around the world. This work has opened my eyes to many things I didn’t see before.

Many of us went through painful experiences, emotional and physical traumas and childhood wounds. All of the healing work I’ve practiced helped me to heal my own personal issues and as a result, my life transformed in a way  that I couldn’t imagine before.
The shift of perspective from “victim of life” to a “creator of my own reality” was crucial in my transformative process. I changed my approach from “suffering life” to creating life of my dreams.

My daily practice of yoga, pranayama and meditation has been the key for all the changes in my life. These are some of the techniques that have been helpful for me in creating the reality I’ve been dreaming of for so long.

Self-enquiry work with support and guidance of the greatest teachers helped me to realize one of my purposes in life, which is to support others in their personal healing and self-empowerment.



The Intention of my offerings is to help the awakening of human consciousness on an individual and collective level, healing unresolved issues of the past and transforming this energy into a whole new experience for each individual.

The true self-realization starts within each one of us. It takes courage to start questioning our old ways of living, step out of our „comfort zone“ and start living the life of our dreams. We cannot change our reality unless we change ourselves.

Awakening requires a deeper sense of self-awareness as well as environmental awareness. Inner work, or self-enquiry gives us the opportunity to connect with ourselves on a deeper physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. When we connect deeper to ourselves, we start to notice the blocked energies that often manifest themselves as depression, trauma, addictions, suffering, or any physical illnesses. We become aware of the repetitive patterns that define our inner state of being, as well as our lives. By becoming more aware of our environment, we can learn to reflect better on ourselves and to recognize infinite possibilities around us. And finally, we acknowledge the direct connection between the inner and the outer realities.

How can we transform our lives and start living our dreams?

Transformation requires letting go of the old and creating something new.
When we unconsciously repeat unhealthy patterns in our lives, we mostly don’t even realize that we can do something to change it. However, the moment we become aware of them, we can choose to change them. By simply having a clear intention of what we like to change or create, we direct the energy into the desired future. In order to create new experiences, we need to change our inner state of being. The change comes from within. Recognizing yourself as a creator of your own reality is one of the biggest steps on the path of self-realization.

Have you ever asked yourself the question: Who am I?

On the path of self-realization you become conscious of yourself and your natural abilities and gifts that you can share with the world. You let go of everything that doesn’t serve you anymore. You begin to feel yourself to the deepest core of your being. On this path you inevitably connect with your life’s purpose. The life’s purpose is the reason why you came here on Earth – to live as a free spirit with your own unique self-expression and share your natural gifts with this world. Life’s or soul’s purpose is connected to your deepest heart’s dreams. Once you align with your purpose(s), you begin to experience a profound activation of yourself and reality around you.

Are you ready to unlock and activate yourself, your dreams and reality, to remember who you really are and present your natural gifts to this world?
You are the one you have been waiting for. Only you can transform your life. Only you can create the reality of your dreams.
And if there is anything that blocks you from reaching your highest potential – you will receive support and guidance on that.

Are you ready for a change?




Group work

Trainings – During trainings, you learn technics that support your own healing process. You receive information and tools for your own Inner Work which you can apply without the need of external support.

Workshops – A group experience where all the participants join with similar intentions, be it healing, learning, liberation, self-discovery or self-mastery. When we do the healing work together, it becomes more powerful.
Here you learn to self-reflect, receive the support of the circle, join different group activities and so much more!

Individual work with people

Sessions  - healing self-enquiry work.
I support people in the process of self-empowerment, guide them to remove the blockages in their lives, connect deeper with their true nature to transform their lives.

Mentorship  - working individually with people for a period of time on a daily/weekly basis.
Supporting people to change their lives, heal unresolved issues, change unhealthy habits and behaviors, experience a new state of being. Guidance in creating a new way of living.



Earth is our home. Earth is well equipped as a planet and ideally placed in our solar system and galaxy to support life as we know it. Our planet is a breathing, living organism that give live to humans and million other species.

Earth biodiversity 

There are about 8.7 million species on Earth, living in varies habitats ranging from the bottom of the deepest ocean to a few miles into the atmosphere. 

The whole surface of Earth is a series of connected ecosystems. These ecosystems consist of native plants, animal population and smaller organisms interacting with each other and its surroundings in balance. Healthy ecosystems clean the water, purify the air, maintain our soil, regulate the climate, recycle nutrients and provide us food. Earth itself is a biological system which consists of finite sources and relies on interacting species. The Earth is just as alive as you are.

Temperate Forests, Tropical Rain Forests, Desert, Grasslands, The Taiga, The Tundra, Stillwater, The Ocean are some of the main ecosystems of our planet. 

Humans can affect the nature in a negative way by polluting, waste dumping, overhunting and overfishing, consuming scarce energy resources. Greatest threats to the human species are man-made.

We are currently facing several environmental problems such as deforestation, loss of biodiversity, disposal of waters, air pollution, habitat loss for wildlife, water pollution, species extinction. Environmental problems are major risks to human health.  


Across half of the Earth’s land surface, biodiversity – all the different animals, plants, and other species that make up the ecosystem- has decreased below “safe” levels. Natural ecosystems have lost about half their area and millions of species are at risk of extinction – all largely as result of human actions. We are eroding the very foundations of life.
It’s overwhelming how much biodiversity has been lost all over the world, as more and more land is changed by people – turned into pastures, fields, or cities. 37% of the Earth’s land (2017) is used for agricultural purposes, yet an estimated 1/3 of all food produced globally is lost or goes to waste (1.3 billion tones of food a year). 

We people are part of the nature. We need to become more aware of our relationship with the planet and all living beings in it. It’s crucial to re-establish a healthy and balanced relationship with the world we live in. The only way is to move from destruction to balanced co-existence with the Earth, nature and other species.
Humanity needs to unite and create solutions for these big issues that we are facing in the world right now. 

There are, however, several actions that every individual can take to mitigate current problems such as reusing and recycling, choosing sustainable resources, shopping wisely, using biodegradable products, educating yourself.

It’s time to change the way we think about our place on Earth. People should address the issues that affect both people and other species.  We need to start appreciating our role as a part of a large and interdependent community with equally important species. Our ability to dominate the planet’s resources makes us directly responsible for determining the future of the Planet on which we, and all other forms of life, depend.

Most importantly, it is time to become conscious of ourselves and the actions we take individually and collectively. At this point in time, we cannot just look away and go on with our daily-to-day life, while the very base of our existence is at danger. It is time to take responsibility of our actions and make necessary changes in the way we treat the planet and all living beings. 





Pachamama is translated as „Mother Earth“. Pacha means Earth, Cosmos, Universe, Time, Space, Mama means Mother. In other translations Pachamama has a meaning of Fertility Goddess, a Mother who gives birth to all of us.

An extraordinary shift is taking place on the Planet Earth right now. We are awakening to the new level of consciousness, moving through the changes all together.

Thousands of years we as humanity have been experiencing pain of separation, suffering, fear, wars. All of this is being reflected in the state of our (individual and) collective psyche, burried in the debris of the unconsciousness.

There is so much healing needs to happen on this Planet.
And this healing starts with each and every one of us. The Spirit of the Earth (Gaia) is calling us to awaken to our true nature and the world we live in (remember why we came here).
It is time for us to step in our power, open up to our highest potential and take our rightful place here on Earth. It is our birthright (it is a birthright of each human being) live in the World where Love, Peace, Balance, Abundance, Prosperity, Equality and Justice are the foundation stones in our global community.

Mother Earth creates infinite Beauty and Diversity. Do you know how many different species co-exist on this planet? How many different trees, even the shapes never repeat themselves. Every landscape looks different, every sunrise and sunset is unique.

We live in an abundant World. Abundance is a frequency that is available for all and is our birthright.
The moment we shift from greed to (simplicity,) humbleness, equality and wholeness, there will be no lack.
The vision is to live in a harmonious co-existence and co-creation with all living beings on/of pachamama/this Planet: people, animals, birds, fishes, trees, insects.

It is time to do our personal Inner work, to heal ourselves and help those who need our support. It is time to reclaim our birthright to be free, creative and joyful beings.

„And this Healing spreads out across the Land
Into the Hearts of every Woman and Man
Purifying the Earth, the Soil and the Sand
Carrying the Light of the Truth now in our Hands.“
- Murray Kyle



Elena Fadeeva



Elena Fadeeva



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