What is our Intention with creating the local Ecstatic Dance here in Vienna?

To provide a „Sacred Space“ for inner and outer movement. 

A Space where we connect to ourselves through Dance, Meditation and Prayer.
A space where it is welcome to be you in all of your glory – in all of your aspects, seen and unseen. It is a space where transformation, relief or an emotional process can happen.
Of course, none of that must happen. Just know that it can and that the space welcomes it. 

It's a place to float in trance, to go on your own inner dance journey. 

It's a place to explore how I relate to myself and the other – each encounter can be a practice of mindfulness. Do I judge, do I try to please, am I authentic in my presence and how does it feel when I am not?

And, it's a place to dance, of course.
The variety of expression of movement is infinite. We invite you to express all that you feel through your movement!
It's a place to roll on the ground, jump, be crazy, have fun, laugh, cry and be.

We believe that dance is an universal language which can bring us closer together as a human family!

We as a community are consciously co-creating and holding that space together. 

We as the initiators are giving our best to keep the space clear and clean.

We want to create the most amazing dancefloor that is possible – together with you. 

Please, be a part of it.